Howdy this is to keep track of my work on my 2004 Mustang

On the 23rd of April 2024 I bought a Salvage title 2004 3.9 V6 5 speed Mustang for roughly 2k.

I have the intention of restoring it to OEM specifications while I am going to school.

The first things I've noticed when I first drive this car was a wild screeching and grinding noise from the clutch that would occasionally go away once it was driving around

then there was a light swaying that would go away as you accelerate

and the fact the right turn signal wasn't blinking (the light will turn on but it will not flash)

The car is sitting on these AWFUL 20 inch wheels that make the whole car sit like a monster truck so first chance I get I am going to replace them with tiny wheels.

I drove the car a bit before I took this photo but at 141,049.9 miles I changed the oil since I wanted I didn't get a block full of special seasoning (luckily there were none)

But I could tell that it wasn't replaced in ages just from what I heard from the last owner and the fact it was blacker than coffee

The car also came with this Rockford Fosgate sub set up behind the rear seats

I ended up removing for multiple reasons

  1. It was large and took up the 90% of trunk space
  2. The radio didn't allow for bluetooth so I couldn't enjoy my music
  3. It was in very great shape and I could sell it and use the money to help repair this car

So I removed it and found that the spare tire from 2003 is still there which was honestly impressive since I thought it just wouldn't come with one at all

I also tried these 16 inch rims from my brother's miata and honestly I may buy these off of him since it is the closest to stock and I just need to get this car to be driveable